Thursday, February 13, 2014

Security Advisor Alliance

I just wrapped up a great podcast with the Security Advisor Alliance, moderated by Neil Thacker. This neat idea for an organization is something that Jason Clark (CSO/Accuvant) brought to me two years ago, when he was at Websense, and I am really happy to see it coming to fruition.

The Security Advisor Alliance is a coalition of a couple dozen experienced CISOs, who are willing to donate some of their personal time each month to advise and give back to the security community. It's a great idea and so if you attend RSA Conference, look for me or find Jason Clark and ask about how you can get involved!

The podcast archives can be found here, or on iTunes:

Visualize This! Meaningful Metrics for Measuring Risk

I am very glad to be moderating another great risk management and metrics panel for the third year in a row, at RSA Conference! The panel is a continuation of the great work we did at last year's RSA Conference, where we had an encore because of the overflow from the first time slot.

The panelists are: Alex Hutton, Jack Jones, David Mortman and Caroline Wong. What a great line-up of experts to have.

Please visit the RSA Conference website for more details on the panel, which will be at 10:20AM on Friday, February 28:

Abstract: Metrics are incredibly useful and a critical input for making risk decisions, but finding the right metrics and interpreting them is often a scary proposition for many security groups. We’ll share strategies for choosing metrics as well as how to use tools such as visualization to make those metrics and associated risk decisions easier, more informative and most importantly more useful.

Castles in the Cloud: Data Protection in the Consumer Age

I am excited to be speaking with Jason Clark (CISO/Accuvant) at RSA Conference next week. Our talk is titled, "Castles in the Cloud: Data Protection in the Consumer Age". You can listen to our podcast here:

Join us at 10:40AM on Wednesday, February 26 at RSA Conference!

For details on the presentation, visit the RSA Conference site:

Abstract: The consumerization of IT (CoIT) involves what Gartner calls the 'Nexus of Forces': Social, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and the Internet of Things. We all see our organizations rushing to embrace these trends, and often security is left out or considered as an afterthought. This talk will present a data-centric strategy to both secure and enable the business to leverage these important trends.

Insider Threat Webinar

I have a webinar on Thursday, February 13 at 1PM EST on the topic of Insider Threat. The webinar is with Bob West, CSO at IntelligentID, and is sponsored by Luxoft.