Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Featured on "Application Security Mythbusters" Podcast

My podcast interview with Mandeep Khera at Cenzic is now online. This was from a series of interviews Mandeep had with security professionals at the Black Hat 2008 conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada this summer. He asked me what my concerns were when it came to application security. I gave him a piece of my mind.

[Visit the Cenzic site for "Application Security Mythbusters" and hear the podcast!]

November Ending

Well, the month of November has whizzed by! This last week I've been preoccupied on an emergency migration off our legacy server (in a friend's sock drawer in Virginia) to Hostgator.com. It was fairly smooth, once I got all the files transferred. Out of the couple GB of data, there were about 60,000 files it appears. It took a few days of checking and editing to find and fix all the broken links due to the case-sensitivity of Linux. Now that it's done, I feel that these twenty sites are a lot faster and I can rest assured that the site will always be accessible and live. (** The nTelos DSL option was cost effective for the past decade, but week long outages, and recovering from hard drive crashes has been just too time consuming, so it is very nice to now have business-class hosting/email services for $12.95/month!)

Now that the websites are running, I realize I haven't blogged in a while, so I will try to catch up on writing along with scanning in photos from 1992-2006 photo albums. I am currently trying to get a "Tour of Santa Fe" posted, and I will work through the various "travelogue" sets from ppsa.com, and my favorite photo sets (Outer Banks trip, RSA Conferences, etc.) Getting all my pictures uploaded and ordered will take time, but it will be very nice to have hi-resolution, edited and tagged photos online. It is pretty easy to keep up with new (digital) photos, but editing old, fuzz-covered photos from my younger, wilder days can be VERY time consuming. If you visit my Flickr, you will see quite a diverse range of pictures. Eventually I will back-date them to the correct chronological order and maybe create another account just to showcase my favorites.

On the security front, I have confirmation from Google for the RSA Conference panel, but I am waiting to hear back from another vendor. I should contact him today!

My IEEE meetings went well this month. We had a turn out of over 120 for the Joe Nickell presentation on November 8th. It was a great outreach to the community on critical thinking. We had a computer society meeting with the student branch on November 20th, and had about 25 people attend the talk on Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks. We just need two more signatures before our local Computer Society chapter is officially recognized! We have an upcoming holiday event in a couple weeks, which should be fun, but we have to decide exactly WHAT it will be in the next day. I might make it to Chicago one or two times in December for holiday events with the ISSA and CSO Dinner group I belong to.

Time to get back to work! I'll try to add to this security blog more frequently!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Website Changes

I am in the process of migrating my domains to "hostgator.com". I am finally moving my server to the "cloud", and I've been pretty impressed so far. However... the ISP that our old server is on decided to make a DSL change over the weekend, so until next week all my old blogs and portions of some domains won't be accessible.

I am redirecting my NULL SESSION blog here, for a few days. If you want to know how things are going, or what I'm watching on TV, check me out on Twitter (nullsession).